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Looking for a brick match?  We offer a FREE brick matching facility via our website.  Simply use the contact us page to upload pictures of your bricks and fill in the details.  Once we have received your email, our brick specialists will then match your brick.  If the brick matching is unsuccessful or the brick is not available we will offer the closest available alternative and provide you with pictures and samples of the alternative brick.


To give us the best chance in successfully matching your brick please provide us with the best quality images.  If you can inform us of any other useful information about the brick, such as texture, size, this would be very helpful.


If you have any trouble attaching the image files please email them to  Remember you can always call us on 0844 567 8803 where someone is always on hand to help you with your brick matching.

Why UK Bricks

Welcome to UK Bricks, your number one source for all things brick and clay related. We're a UK Company that is dedicated to giving our customers the very best brick products available in the UK.

Our company’s core focus is delivering quality new and reclaimed bricks consistently with a great service and unbeatable prices.

Since 2002, our passion has been to simplify the way people buy bricks, without compromising on exceptional customer service, competitive prices and fast delivery.

Our people are at the centre of our business, and our knowledgeable and experienced team are passionate about the products that we supply.

We offer a complete range of brick products and accessories at the best prices, to suit all tastes and project sizes.

So whether you are building a small wall, embarking on a self build project or need bricks for large scale projects we offer a one stop shop solution for all your brick requirements.

As well as this, no matter what, we aim to deliver the vast majority of our orders within 3-5 working days.