Brick Slips the UK's Leading Supplier of brickslips.

Our sister brand Brick Slips are brick slips are manufactured from only the best quality full facing bricks, essentially we remove the face of the brick to enable our customers to have the natural beauty of a real kiln fired clay brick without the drawbacks and constraints of using full bricks. This opens up a vast range of possibilities for any project both internal and external.

Limitless possibilities

Brick Slips as a brand has thirteen years of experience as the UKs leading supplier of brick slips, with this comes a wealth of knowledge and technical experience that allows us to offer our customers a plethora of different cladding options for almost any situation, we can offer a full range of specially cut slips for any wall configuration, alongside this we can achieve the almost impossible - we offer solutions including curved walls, inverted walls and weight restrictive walls.

We can match the colour and texture of any existing brick type, this coupled with our ability to offer mortar in any RAL colour ensures the only limitation is your imagination.

To view and order products for both trade and public sector please head over to our sister site and you can look over our vast range of brick slip cladding products.

Brick Slips UK's Leading Supplier of Brick Slips